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Conseguir Ayuda en su País

Applying to study in the United States is not a simple process, but there are good resources available to help you understand what to do. The United States government provides education information centers in nearly every country, and there are also extensive Internet resources. Most U.S. higher education institutions and many schools operate their own web sites.

Advice in Your Country
It is very important for you to contact the closest U.S. Overseas Educational Advising Office as you make your plans. The Advising Office has information resources, including publications and institutional bulletins; and it can provide guidance on important issues like financial planning, admissions procedures, and visa requirements. Advisors work directly with the consular officials who approve visas.

Overseas Educational Advising Centers (OSEACs) provides contact information and links to each Advising Office around the world.

Article excerpted from the U.S. Network for Education Information.

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